Tammy Pescatelli Went Back to High School To Record Her New Special: Watch an Exclusive Clip

It’s easy to make strangers who found you in success laugh, but how about people who knew you before puberty?

It’s hard enough for any of us to go back to our high school reunion every five or ten years, but what if you had to perform in front of all of your old high school friends and teachers? It’s either going to be an enormous triumph or the most difficult thing you’ve ever done since graduating. For Tammy Pescatelli, going back to her hometown to record an hour special at her high school was risky. She wasn’t the ugly duckling or wallflower who could easily win most improved just by showing up. Pescatelli enjoyed the coveted role of captain of the cheerleading squad, back in the mid 80’s when she was in high school, so there’s a lot of expectation built in here.

But there was no question that when Pescatelli took her act back to Perry High School in her hometown of Perry, Ohio, that she would crush it. And she did.

Cleverly packaged as a “Way After School Special,” imitating the old ABC After School Specials that most of us grew up watching, Tammy’s new special is an instant favorite thing to watch while stuck inside this month.

In this exclusive clip from the special, Pescatelli explains why the lectures you get in high school didn’t all prove to be good advice.

Since graduating from Perry High, Pescatelli has accomplished more than enough to impress her classmates. She’s appeared on The View, Red Eye, The Howard Stern Show, Last Comic Standing, Comics Unleashed, Jenny McCarthy’s Dirty Sexy Funny, Bennington, The Tonight Show, Rocco’s Dinner Party, The Talk, and she was featured in the documentary, “I Am Battle Comic”. This year, at the same time as she released her new special, she was featured in Showtime’s “More Funny Women of a Certain Age”, and starred in a RomCom, That’s Amore. She also co-hosts “Stuttering John’s Podcast: Love, Romance and Other Lies”, on Podcast One Network.

Watch the full trailer for the hour special here, and watch the special everywhere VOD is available including iTunes and Amazon. The special is released via Comedy Dynamics, the largest independent distributor of original comedy in North America.

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