Tammy Pescatelli Special Tops a Comedy Dynamics Month Devoted to Women in Comedy

Comedy Dynamics, you know who they are, is celebrating Women in March with what they are calling a #WomenofComedy takeover of March release schedule. Toplining that takeover is the super fabulous Tammy Pescatelli with her brand new hour, packaged cleverly in a release called the Way After School Special playing on the old abc after school specials we all grew up with. To create the hour, Tammy went home to her high school and performed for the locals. Tammy’s hour is available now on video on demand platforms everywhere.

In addition to releasing Pescatelli’s hour, there are four more female led releases including a mockumentary about social media influencers from writer and director Laura Kosann (released earlier this month), a musical comedy special from the Baltimore legend, Mary Prankster, coming March 24th, and a stand-up comedy special from Nicole Blaine, coming March 31.

The company is celebrating with a #WomenOfComedy takeover for their March new releases, their liner channels on Roku and Samsung, and social media.

“Our #WomenOfComedy celebration is more than just a social media theme, it’s a blatant ‘Thank You’ to the women who have paved the way and others who are continuing to pave the way for female comedians everywhere. This is a celebration of the fearless women who have kicked down the door to the ‘Boy’s Club’ and claimed their rightful spot in comedy history,” said Brian Volk-Weiss, CEO of Comedy Dynamics.

Comedy Dynamics has a strong history of promoting the best women in comedy. They broke Ali Wong’s career releasing the unforgettable Baby Cobra, produced and released Tiffany Haddish’s first hour, She Ready, and broke records with Iliza Shlesinger’s War Paint.

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