Talking with Dan Soder at Moontower in Austin



The Moontower Comedy and Oddity Festival is so big this year– it seems like the only downside about it is that no matter who you go to see, you’re missing someone else’s great set. One of the 80 great comedians there this year is Dan Soder, and we’re big fans. We’re not the only ones, twitter has been raving about his sets this week (yes, we’re jealous!) Yesterday we got to catch up with Dan about Moontower, the city of Austin, and how he feels about fake vaginas.  He’ll be performing with Michael Che at Cap City tonight at 10:30pm.

The IBang: Hey Dan, thanks for talking with us. So how’s Moontower going so far!?

Dan Soder: Awesome. You know, nice and hot today. I’m getting a nice sweaty walk on. It’s great. The shows have been unbelievable, so many great comics are here. It’s just a great fun time.

The IBang: Everyone’s talking about your show with Hannibal Buress on the first night.

Dan Soder: Man, Hannibal puts on a helluva live show. He had five ballerinas, a dee-jay. Man it was hilarious.

The IBang: Is working a festival very different from doing your regular stand up shows?

Dan Soder: Yeah, some of the sets are shorter, and you get to see a lot more. Whats funny about festivals is, a lot of times you would think that you would go see the city, and you do see the city but, with the festival you can see other comics that you don’t get to see most of the time.

The IBang: So are you just running into comedians everywhere?

Dan Soder: Yeah but its great. Most of my friends are on the road when I’m on the road. So now its nice to see them and be able to watch their sets and hang out with them and be able to get food with them. It’s really great.

The IBang: Who did you go watch?

Dan Soder: Thursday night I watched Kurt Metzger kill on the New York, New York Show. And I”m excited to go see Laurie Kilmartin and Colin Quinn tonight.

The IBang: I hear Moontower gave out an unusual gift basket. Do comedians get a lot of gift baskets?

Dan Soder: It’s a festival thing. Festivals will give you a little grab bag of stuff. This grab bag was the most interesting because I’ve never had a fake vagina in one. We got flesh lights.

The IBang: A lot of the comedians have been bringing it up in their act. Did it come up in yours?

Dan Soder: I dont know what it is about a fake vagina, I feel too serial killer-y to talk about it.

The IBang: Have you had the chance to hit up any BBQ while you’re in Austin?

Dan Soder: Oh man, yesterday, myself, Mike Lawrence, Kurt Metzger, Ari Shaffir, Nick Mullen. We went out to Lockhart Texas, just a small town in Texas and had some real barbecue. It was the best I’ve ever had in my life. It was unbelievable. The barbecue is unbelievable.

The IBang: Thank you so much Dan, for taking the time to talk with us. Where are you tonight?

Dan Soder: Tonight I will be with Michael Che in Cap City.


If you couldn’t make it to Moontower this year, you can follow Dan on twitter @DanSoder and on his website
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