June 25, 2014

Michael Showalters American Viral! Watch Episode 1

Premiering tomorrow night from Thundershorts is American Viral, a new web series from Michael Showalter. The series follows about a father, Roger Busk, whose family experienced 15 minutes of fame after their video of their son getting hit in the crotch went viral. Ever since “My Balls, My Balls” went viral, Roger thrives on view counts, and like a junkie, he’s always obsessed with finding the next viral hit to skyrocket the Busk family into greater popularity.
April 21, 2014

“The Set” With Kevin Allison

You might know Kevin Allison as a member of MTV's legendary comedy troupe, "The State". After a few years of soul searching, Allison has now found his niche. He's now selling out theaters and winning awards with is Live Show and Podcast, "Risk" which features Allison and his guests telling stories they never thought they'd dare to share in public. RJ Waldron got to talk with Kevin about "The State" and his award winning show for “The Set” our series of conversations with great comedians.