August 10, 2016

Joe Mande Translates Rap Song

Do you have a hard time making out the lyrics of today’s mainstream mumble-rap? If so, don’t worry, you’re not alone. There are plenty of folks […]
February 12, 2016

Comedy’s Cupid! A Comedy Valentine’s Day Wish List

With Valentines Day right around the corner, love is in the air-- but is it in the green room of comedy venues around the U.S.? Apparently not, since these more than eligible laugh makers are still making reservations for one. Hopefully, with a little help from our very own Cupid, these guys and gals will live laugh-ily ever after (and maybe even record a dual stand-up special!).
November 21, 2015

The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail Gets a Third Season

Comedy Central announced today that they're giving the go ahead to Season Three of The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail. The little show held in the back of a comic shop is LA's hottest stand up show and now it's coming back to Comedy Central for another round of shows.
June 17, 2015

College Now Lets Students Major In Comedy

Emerson College, an acclaimed performing arts college in Boston, Mass, has announced that starting in 2016, students can earn a degree in comedy.
March 21, 2015

The Onion And A.V. Club Present The 2nd Annual 26th Annual Comedy Festival in Chicago

It's that time of year again. Time for The 2nd Annual 26th Annual Comedy Festival in Chicago presented by the Onion and the A.V. Club.
February 21, 2015

NBC Looking At Pot Comedy

NBC is getting into the weed business.
December 22, 2014

The Best Comedy Albums of 2014

As our celebration of the best comedy in 2014 continues, we are looking at the best comedy albums released this year. There were many strong contenders this year, and we picked ten favorites. Albums by Sarah Silverman, Big Jay Oakerson, Chris Gethard, Mark Normand, Cameron Esposito, Tommy Johnagin, Joe Mande, Nick Thune, Mike Vecchione, and Weird Al Yankovic topped our list for the funniest albums of 2014. We picked our top ten but we need you to vote for who had the #1 comedy special in 2014.
October 8, 2014

7 Comedians We Said Would Blow Up (And Did)

In August 2013 we gave you seven comedians who we predicted were about to blow up in a major way. From stand-up to television and beyond, here's a look at what's changed for these seven comedians since August 2013, and what they're up to now. Which ones did we get right, which were misses, and who is about to get even bigger?
July 23, 2014

Just For Laughs 2014 New Faces of Comedy

Each year the Montreal Just For Laughs comedy festival announces their New Faces of Comedy list, which is of course, the line up for their New Faces of Comedy Series. This annual list is always highly anticipated, as many young comedians who make the Just For Laughs New Faces list quickly go on to do great things.
May 2, 2014

LaCroix Water Tells Comedian Joe Mande, Please Don’t Represent Us

Comedian Joe Mande has taken to the twitter feeds after getting a very rude letter from the folks at Lacroix.
April 10, 2014

Don’t Miss the Moontower Comedy and Oddity Festival in Austin This Month

Set aside April 23rd to the 26th and book a flight, because the 3rd Annual Moontower Comedy and Oddity Festival in Austin promises to be everything you ever hoped a comedy festival would be.
March 28, 2014

Joe Mande Headlines Late Night

Comedian Joe Mande crushes it on Late Night with Seth Meyers. #Redstring.
March 14, 2014

Joe Mande Mixtape Available Today

Joe Mande changes the comedy game with the release of 'Bitchface' which you can stream now and purchase.
March 9, 2014

Joe Mande Releases First Comedy Mixtape

Who says rappers are the only ones who can release Mixtapes?
August 29, 2013

Seven Comedians Ready to Blow Up

It’s easy to become a fan of a comedian as soon as they break out into the mainstream and become a household name. A comic like […]