Sunday March 15 Daily Links

Obama Follows Porn Star Sara Jay

Oh shit Barry . You effed up. It’s OK to check, but a follow? Better think of an excuse before Michelle gets home.

Ex Presidents. They are just like us.


Joe Rogan Endorsement Made AOC Back Away From Sanders

Bernie Sanders tried to make a pivot to grab some central ground, but AOC wasn’t having any of that Alpha dog stuff.

Bad move Bernie. Podcast listeners don’t vote.

Read more at National Review.

Cam Girls are Making Bank

The Goddamn coronavirus outbreak is ruining all the fun but the Cam Girls are now the safest of all sex.

The most you will get is a computer virus.


Americans Say “Like” In The Middle Of Sentences. Here’s Why.

When did we like, start putting like, in the middle of sentences? It wasn’t the zooomers. It’s not even the millennials.

It’s like, The Beats, daddio.

Via YouTube.

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