Stella is Back: David Wain Posts New ‘Stella’ Short on Twitter


Stella is back!

Okay, I’m sorry, that was mean, because it’s not back. At least, not really.

For the uninitiated: David Wain, Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter are three comedians (formerly of comedy troupe The State) who together, form the group Stella. They’ve performed as these characters for twenty years now, but almost entirely as a live stage show. The act was brought to the small screen in 2005 when it was picked up by Comedy Central, but the show only aired ten episodes before sadly being cut short. Since then, Stella-heads have only been able to re-experience the magic by either catching the guys live, or re-watching the material from their limited TV run.

On Monday, however, David Wain abruptly posted a video to Twitter that was, to many fans’ surprise, a brand new Stella short, which Wain explains was shot in a hotel room while the trio waited for a gig later that night. You can check out that tweet, and the video, below:


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