Doug Stanhope Introduces the Bill Burr Puppet Act

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The Bill Burr Puppet Act

Intro’d by Doug Stanhope as “a puppet act, with the authentic article,” this video captured Sean Rouse and Junior Stopka on stage with the “Bill Burr Puppet Act” and its ridiculously funny. Filmed in Daytona Beach as part of Stopka’s Comedy Killers Tour, Andy Andrist, Sean Rouse, Junior Stopka are making their way around the country.

We learned about the Bill Burr Puppet act on a recent episode of Stanhope’s 10 Minute Podcast, which he’s been recording in Daytona Beach, Florida during Spring Break 2016. Doug decided to keep drinking and do 10 minute podcasts throughout the day. Doug said on the podcast if they did the act on stage & filmed it, it would go viral, and it’s on its way.

Stanhope has describe Sean Rouse as “one of the best comics working on this planet. Dark, evil, extraordinarily smart, relevant and adorable,” and both Stopka and Rouse made Stanhope’s recent top 10 list of comics. You might also remember Junior Stopka from his amazing Last Comic Standing set last summer. Although he didn’t advance in the series, judge Norm Macdonald gave him high praise.

Go to for more info on tour dates and tickets (next stops are Nashville and Chicago) and what not. And share this shit. It’s funny.

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