Social Media Furious About Louis C.K.’s Return to Stage

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Louis C.K. returned to the stage at New York’s infamous Comedy Cellar this week.

Club owners and hardcore comedy fans and the majority of the audience in attendance at the Cellar seemed comfortable with Louis’ return to the stage.  At the very least, many have expressed that it is inappropriate for the public to expect them to police comics off stage behavior, and then serve as judge, jury and probation officer. We’ve all heard enough off-internet conversations to know many more people want to see Louis back at work, or at least want to permit him to work and let audiences decide if they want to show up.

Social media does not agree. Many people on twitter today are furious at Louis’ return, expressing that it has not been long enough and that it may never be long enough.  Comedians and those in the business weighed in, with most anti-CK back in comedy.  Anyone who expressed otherwise was subject to immediate backlash. The anger feels as fresh and as furious as it was in November 2017. The outrage, of course, stems from confirmation that in the years 2002-2005, Louis C.K. asked several women for permission to masturbate in front of them. One of those incidents took place on the set of a television show- a workplace environment.

Tweeters seem to be particularly upset that CK made his return under “unannounced” conditions, pointing out that he once again removed choice from those who might not choose to watch him perform, drawing parallels to the behavior he was initially accused of. Of course, most celebrity appearances at The Cellar and other comedy clubs in New York City and around the country are unannounced, and anyone would be free to leave the room upon hearing that C.K was taking the stage. Aziz Ansari, has been doing planned but unannounced spots around town and audiences are wildly enthusiastic, greeting him with such thunderous applause that he has to ask the audience to lower their expectations before starting to work on new material. Jeremy Piven and T.J. Miller have also being doing spots around town and audiences seem happy to see them. Would be surprised if Louis CK received any less from the room Sunday night.

Tweeters are also angry that Louis hasn’t done anything to make up for his conduct during his time off, with womens rights advocate Nell Scovell asking for CK to be a leader in supporting women in comedy by donating proceeds and demanding that women be on the bill at the club in 50/50 numbers with men.

Read the Tweets below, just a small representation of what you’ll find on Twitter with a search.

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