SNL Fauxmercial Helps Non Violent Sex Offenders Get Work

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 9.04.15 AM

Saturday Night Live aired a fauxmercial last night advertising inexpensive help around the house, because Angie’s list is great, but it’s much too expensive.

If you’re looking for help around the house and want a real bargain, you might like Aron’s list. That stands for the American Registry of Non Violent Sex Offenders, you know, not the bad kind. Streaking, public urination, missed the cutoff on statutory stuff… Pete Davidson, Kel Thompson, Bobby Moynihan, Jon Rudnitsky, Kyle Mooney and Jay Pharoah all play NVSOs. They’re sorry, and they’re ready to work.

Someone must have had sex offenders on the brain this week, because that wasn’t the only sex offender related sketch. Bobby Moynihan also played a man who bid $3,000 at a charity auction to win the chance to play a walk on role- clothing store customer- on his favorite tv show. It all turns bad when he find out he’s playing a suspected sex offender and Elizabeth Moynihan and Jay Pharaoh accuse him of being the Groveville Peeping Tom.

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