Skankfest is This Weekend! Get a First Look at Some of the Shows and the Full List of Comedians

The biggest Skankfest yet kicks off this Friday and while a preliminary lineup has been announced, no word has yet been released of the shows people can expect to see this weekend. But we’ve got a first look at some of this years big shows and the very first full line up list.

It’s the world’s favorite tattooed, black t-shirt wearing, finger-less gloves loving comedy festival all taking place on four stages at Brooklyn Bazaar. This 3-day comedy party will be a celebration of freedom of expression and all things out of the ordinary.

Podcast Basketball Tournament Announced

The first big reveal– the festival will kick off with some pre-gaming on Friday at 3pm with a Podcast Basketball Tournament featuring Legion of Skanks, Cum Town, Punch Drunk Sports and Irish Goodbye at Bridge & Tunnel Park in Long Island City (walking distance from the Creek and the Cave). This is a huge event not to be missed, so if you were planning to arrive late, change your plans.

The teams haven’t been announced but based on the podcasts participating, unless they’re bringing in ringers, you should be seeing Big Jay Oakerson, Luis J. Gomez, Dave Smith, Nick Mullen, Stavros Halkias, Ari Shaffir, Sam Tripoli, Mike Cannon and Mike Feeney hit the court.


Team Skankfest has picked some of their favorite podcasts to represent at Brooklyn Bazaar this weekend. Get ready to be a part of Cum Trown, Danish & ONeill Present The Ellismania Press Conference, Kill Tony, Legion of Skanks (of course), Mean Boys, Punch Drunk, Real Ass Podcast, The Bonfire, The Cumia Show and Tin Foil Hat.


Amazing Specialty Shows

If you’re headed to Skankfest this weekend here is a sneak peek at some of what you’ll be able to see on Saturday and Sunday.

“What’s Your Fucking Deal” Hosted by Big Jay Oakerson
“The Naked Roast” Hosted by Zac Amico
The Stand NYC Presents: “Frantic!” Hosted by Aaron Berg
The Stand NYC Presents: “The Roast Masters NYC” Hosted by Luis J. Gomez
“Stand Up On The Spot” Hosted by Jeremiah Watkins
“Creek Cave Live” Showcases
Ari Shaffir: “The Wandering Jew”
Also in The Drunk Tank
Stoned Science Fair with Kim Congdon & Sarah Weinshenk
Left, Right, Center w/ Luis J. Gomez
Irish Goodbye Beer Pong Tournament

Over 100 Comedians- a Ridiculous Lineup Planned!

There are over 128 comedians participating, many of them were previously announced. This is a ridiculous list of New York and out of town hilarious people- basically its the list of people that we put on our list of comics to check out when we go to festivals around the country. The full schedule will be released tomorrow for the four room, two day comedy acid trip, but while you’re waiting to plan your weekend, this list should get you excited.

Abby Rosenquist
Adam Friedland
Alex Englebert
Ali Mcovsky
Alison Klemp
Allie Mae Brand
Aminah Imani
Andrew Schulz
Andy Gold
Anthony Kapfer
Anthony Passeretti
Anya Volz
Ari Shaffir
Avery Pearson
Billy Procida
Bonnie McFarlane
Brendan Sagalow
Brian Redban
Caitlin Peluffo
Calise Hawkins
Casey Balsham
Catherine Zini
Chloe McGovern
Chris Crespo
Chris Laker
Colin Quinn
ConoNr McSpadden
Courtey Maginnis
Courtney Fearington
Crystian Ramirez
Damien Lemon
Dan Lamorte
Dan Perlman
Dan Soder
Daniel Perafan
Danish & O’Neill
Danny Kalwhite
Dave Attell
Dave Smith
David Del Rosario
David Piccolomini
Davidson Boswell
Dustin Chafin
Eli Sairs
Eman El Husseini
Emily Faith
Emma Willmann
Eric Bergstrom
Ethan Simmons-Patterson
Gabriel Killian
Greer Barnes
Ian Fidance
Ian Lara
Jack Comstock
James Pontillo
Jamie Kilstien
Janelle James
Jay Oakerson
Jayson Thirbault
Jeremiah Watkins
Jessica Michelle Singleton
Jim Norton
Jimmy Martinez
Jordan Kline
Joseph Roberts
Josh Adam Meyers GDCJ
Joyelle Johnson
Justin Silver
Keith Carey
Keith Robinson
Kenice Mobley
Kerryn Feehan
Kim Congdon
Krystyna Hutchinson
Leah Bonnema
Lindsay Jennings
Lizze Cassidy
Luis J Gomez
Luke Touma
Maddy Smith
Maria Heinegg
Mark Normand
Matt Maran
Mehran Khaghani
Michael Che
Mike Britt
Mike Cannon
Mike Coscarelli
Mike Feeney
Mike Finoia
Mike Lawrence
Mike Recine
Mike Stanley
Mike Suarez
Mike Yard
Napolean Emil
Nick Mullen
Nick Mullen
Pat Schroeder
Patrick Hastie
Paul Hooper
Pete Davidson
Raanan Hershberg
Rich Vos
Ricky Velez
Rob Cantrell
Rob Haze
Robert Kelly
Ron Bennington
Sal Vulcano
Sam Jay
Sam Tripoli
Sandip Sen
Sara Weinshenk
Sean FInnerty
Shayne Smith
Simeon Goodson
Stan Talouis
Stavros Halikas
Steve Rannazzisi
Tim Dillon
Todd Barry
Tom Goss
Tony Hinchcliffe
Usama Siddiquee
Wesley Ward
Yamaneika Saunders
Zac Amico

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