Skankfest Dates Announced

Save the date and book your flights. Skankfest returns to New York City on Friday June 21st 2019 through Sunday June 23rd 2019. The anti-festival comedy festival will return this year to the Brooklyn Bazaar in Brooklyn, New York. VIP Pre-sale Badges are on sale now.

Skankfest NYC is not your typical comedy festival, but that should be pretty obvious from the name. The 4th annual, 3 day event is really more of a party than a comedy festival, and its a party that looks out of control, but isn’t. Festival organizers planned Skankfest to be a celebration of freedom of expression and the positive treatment of performers in the industry. A place where shows are a bit edgier than the average festival- riskier, dirtier, grungier, and sometimes even nakeder. This is not sanitized comedy although you will see clean comics at Skankfest because its not a place that’s uncomfortable for the straights. Everyone’s welcome and despite the high percentage of tattoos and black tshirts, everyone at Skankfest is a sweetheart from the people who run the shows to the fans.

This year, the festival returns to Brooklyn Bazaar, a multi-level performance space that has allowed the Skankfest team to open up the doors to more fans, where three to four shows can be taking place at the same time giving fans choices. But everything happens in one building and your pass will get you into every show. Four stages, a restaurant & multiple bars!

The comics are some of the best in the country, mingled in with plenty of younger waiting to be knowns that you will love discovering. And many of the comics will hang out and party with the fans- an added bonus for people who like to get up close.

This year Skankfest organizers are promising over 100 of the best comics in the world, incredible live podcasts, meet & greets, contests, tattoos, karaoke, cheap drinks, great food, and so much more!

Go to to order pre-sale VIP badges today.

Skankfest NYC is produced in association with The Creek and Cave, Legion of Skanks, and The GaS Digital Network.

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