Skankfest Announces Monster Lineup for First Houston Run

This summer the producers of Skankfest announced that they were heading South Westward, bringing everything that makes Skankfest great to the city of Houston Texas. Today, the festival’s chief skank and ringmaster Luis J. Gomez announced the fest’s initial lineup, and it’s impressive. When the festival hits the City of Houston in late March- March 27th and 29th to be specific, the city will host some of the best of New York and Los Angeles comedy. On board are all the Skanks- Dave Smith, Luis J. Gomez and Big Jay Oakerson- of course. Nate Bargatze is coming and so is Eddie Pepitone. So are Bonnie McFarlane and Rich Vos, Jim Norton and Jim Florentine, Ron Bennington and Robert Kelly, Jessica Kirson and Sal Vulcano. Tim Dillon, Yannis Pappas. Joe DeRosa, Shane Gillis. Yamaneika. Mark Normand and Joe List. Tom Green is coming, so is Mike Vecchione. Andrew Schulz is on the list. Kurt Metzger, Adrienne Iapalucci and Cipha Sounds. Sarah Tollemach. Josh Adam Meyers, Jeremiah Watkins and Avery Pearson, are coming. Corrinne Fisher, Krystyna Hutchinson, and Calise Hawkins. Jessa Reed. Katie Hannigan. Mike Recine. Brian Redban and Tony Hinchcliffe. And it wouldn’t be Skankfest without Zac Amico. If you’re nasty. If you’re a skank, a kreep, a degenerate, have the word fucked in your podcast name, or just hang around anyone with one of those titles, you’re probably going to be at Skankfest when it rocks Houston.

Skankfest New York has earned a rabid following for fostering pure unrestricted stand up comedy. The festival made headlines last summer after a recording of Louis C.K. taking the stage to a ferocious standing ovation went viral. And while Skankfest may look a little scary to those accustomed to corporate backed festivals, it’s not. The average attendee has two things in common: an excessive amount of black tshirts in their wardrobe and a love and appreciation for great stand up comedy that rivals any other fanbase anywhere in the world. Although comedians listed lean towards blue comedy they aren’t all dirty. The list runs the gamut- embracing clean comics, super stars, outcasts, and up and coming.

Tickets go on sale Monday at

Read the full list in alphabetical order below or scroll down to listen to Luis J read the list to you.

Adrienne Iapalucci
Andrew Schulz
Avery Pearson
Bonnie McFarlane
Brian Redban
Calise Hawkins
Cipha Sounds
Corinne Fisher
Dan Soder
Dave Landau
Dave Smith
Eddie Pepitone
Jay Oakerson
Jeremiah Watkins
Jessa Reed
Jessica Kirson
Jim Florentine
Jim Norton
Joe DeRosa
Joe List
Josh Adam Meyers
Justin Silver
Katie Hannigan
Krystyna Hutchinson
Kurt Metzger
Luis J Gomez
Mark Normand
Mike Recine
Mike Vecchione
Nate Bargatze
Rich Vos
Robert Kelly
Ron Bennington
Sal Vulcano
Sarah Tollemache
Shane Gillis
Tim Dillon
Tom Green
Tony Hinchcliffe
Yamaneika Saunders
Yannis Pappas
Zac Amico