Six Selfies with Danny Lobell

It’s a selfie world, and we’re not going to fight it anymore. So our newest series, Six Selfies, asks an artist to share six photos of themselves, taken by themselves, to share a day in their life. Our first subject is Danny Lobell, a half-Scottish, Orthodox Jewish comedian based in Los Angeles. He’s appeared on “This American Life” and “WTF with Marc Maron” and recently told stories for TEDx and the Risk! podcast. Danny’s new show Broke As A Joke is now playing through August 25 at Edinburgh Fringe every day except Saturday at 16:05, at The Space at Jury’s Inn. He discusses all the crazy things he has done for money, from running a hairless cat breeding business to selling Jackie Mason’s cassette tapes on Broadway and starting a hipster egg company with his Ecuadorian gangster neighbor.  Get tickets here!  His CD, The Nicest Boy in Barcelona is available for purchase on iTunes or on Stand Up Records website, and you can hear his podcast, Modern Day Philosophers is available on iTunes. Past guests have included Bill Burr, Reggie Watts, Maria Bamford, Carl Reiner, Lewis Black, Brian Regan, Todd Barry, Melissa Villasenor, and Gilbert Gottfried.

On to the selfies….

1. Today, my morning started with heading over to my friend Jamie Flam’s apartment to record an episode of his fantastic podcast “Gatekeeper.” Jamie comes from a family of locksmiths and went on to become the booker of the Hollywood Improv. I thought it was funny that in a way, he stayed in the family business of locking and securing gates.

2. After “Gatekeeper,” I head on over to The Second City Hollywood, which I have been part of for the past year. I took this picture before my show that afternoon to get friends to come out. It worked! Four people I know showed up!

3.  This is me backstage with Patrick Conroy and Jake Martishius, my friends and members of our Second City sketch group “Crayolalaland.” As you can see, I am playing a green crayon with a steering wheel. This is comedy at its best folks.

4. Following a fun sketch show, I went over to Todd Glass’ house to record an episode of “The Todd Glass Show.” I’ve been lucky to be a recurring guest on Todd’s awesome podcast for the past few years. Every time I go in, it’s just wacky, zany fun. This time Todd had me play an old nightclub lounge singer working the room while singing “Hava Nagila” and “That’s Amore.

5.  This is me with my wife Kylie Ora Lobell, our dogs Bayo and Juno, and our tortoise Mr. Tenenbaum. Kylie and I were giving them lots of hugs and belly/shell scratches. In a few hours, we were leaving them for a month to go to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in bonnie Scotland.

6. We got on the red eye flight to Scotland with a transfer in beautiful Newark, New Jersey. Here I am trying to sleep with a mini-bra over my eyes. It was a great last day in LA before the festival. Let’s hope this good energy carries over because I’ve got a whole month of shows to fill.

Danny’s new show “Broke As A Joke” is now playing through August 25 at Edinburgh Fringe every day except Saturday at 16:05, at The Space at Jury’s Inn.   Get tickets here!

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