On Second Thought It Was Great: 6 Films That Got Pulled Out of the Trash for Quick Cash

littlefish frenemy

When does a movie nobody wants to promote suddenly hit the A list? When one of the actors in it suddenly becomes a big big star. Then, every project they’ve ever done, good bad or even god-awful, gets a big re-release. Sometimes, it works out great. But more often these newly discovered movies should have stayed buried. Here are six films, that made it off the shelf, after someone got famous.

1. Robin Williams: Can I Do It ‘Till I Need Glasses (1980)

A then-unknown Robin Williams had a bit part in the 1977 film. Blink and you’d miss him. Then in 1980, Williams had Mork and Mindy behind him and Popeye on the way. “Can I Do It ‘Till I Need Glasses” was released as Robin William’s big movie debut with his deleted scenes put back in,for the cash grab. Watch Williams in the dentist scene and again in the courtroom scene.


2. Matt Stone and Trey Parker: Orgazmo (1997)

Before South Park blew up all over the entire world, Matt and Trey had little success in Hollywood. They were able to make and release “Cannibal: The Musical” but little else was gaining traction for them. Then South Park hit in August 1997. Their careers were so hot that the movie they had made previously, “Orgazmo” got a theatrical release almost exactly a month after South Park launched on Comedy Central. Watch the Orgazmo trailer.


3. Will Ferrell: Men Seeking Women (1997)

Will Ferrell co-starred in this 1997 film, released at a film festival two years after he joined SNL. The movie disappeared until it was re-released in 2003 right after Ferrell stole the show in Old School. If you want to see a very early on Will Ferrell, this could be the movie for you, if you can even find it. See a little taste of Men Seeking Women here.


4. Zach Galifianakis: Little Fish Strange Pond AKA Frenemy (2009)

“Little Fish Strange Pond” was a small indie film starring Matthew Modine. That is until Zach Galifianakis became a big name after the release of “The Hangover”. Zach has just one scene in “Little Fish Strange Pond” but after his new found fame, the movie was re-released as “Frenemy” with Zach on the cover. Hey, you love Zach from the Hangover right?? Come see him be nothing like that in “Frenemy”! Watch Zach Galafianakis in Frenemy/Little Fish Strange Pond.

 5. Jesse Eisenberg: Camp Hell (2010)

Eisenberg actually sued Lionsgate for putting his face on the cover of 2010’s “Camp Hell”. He appears briefly in the film and only did that as a favor for the producer. This was released the same year as “The Social Network”, piggybacking on Jesse’s growing fame. The movie’s a real clunker and Eisenberg’s lawyers claimed “Eisenberg’s reputation and goodwill with the public and his fans will be severely harmed if they are duped” into buying “Camp Hell.” See all his scenes in under eight minutes.


6. Chris Hemsworth: Cabin in The Woods (2011)

Joss Whedon’s modest hit, “Cabin In The Woods”, was shot and finished in 2009. Why didn’t it hit the theaters until 2011? MGM couldn’t afford to distribute the film so they kept it on the shelf. It was gathering dust until the films then unknown star, Chris Hemsworth, starred as Thor in the Marvel Comics films. All those Joss Whedon fanboys out there owe “Thor” a debt of gratitude. Watch Chris Hemsworth’s scene in Cabin in the Woods. Spoiler Alert!

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