Silicon Valley Continues on to Season 5 Without T.J. Miller: Here’s the Trailer

Silicon Valley returns to HBO on Sunday March 25th and HBO has released the first trailer for the new Erlich-Bachman-less season.

When we last left the Pied Piper team, Richard had crossed over to the dark side, Jared resigned, refrigerators saved the day, and Erlich went to Tibet for the forseeable future.

In the new trailer we learn that Richard has been in some kind of accident that caused him to be out cold for six hours and required that he be given blood, the Pied Piper honchos have taken on a new team of “randos”, Gavin’s in the hot seat, Jin Yang is going to be in the picture, Richard is still awkward, and no big surprise, things aren’t going smoothly for anyone.

Season 5 officially kicks off on March 25th at 10pm, exclusively on HBO.

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