Showtime Cancels Comedy Series After Two Seasons

Showtime has canceled Andrew Dice Clay’s semi-autobiographical series, Dice, after a two-season run.

The series starred Andrew Dice Clay as himself, largely taking place in his Vegas years after Dice’s mega career rise had come to a screeching halt. Costarring Kevin Corrigan as Dice’s sidekick Dice, and Natasha Leggero as Carmen, his longtime girlfriend, the series attracted some major guest talent including Adrien Brody, Wayne Newton, Cris Angel, Michael Rappaport and Lorraine Bracco.

Created by Scot Armstrong, and written along with Dice, the series was a bold take on The Diceman, showing a more vulnerable side of the studded comedy superstar.  Dice played himself as a performer who gets in his own way, behaves self destructively, and then lives with the consequences of his own actions.  Charming, and funny, it was one of the few series about being a comedian that was actually fun, and its first season which was vastly superior to season two, made our list of the top ten comedy series of 2016.

Although season two strayed from the winning formula of “Dice ruins everything” which grabbed our attention in the shows freshman season, it was still a fun ride. Looking forward to seeing what’s next for the Diceman, who never stops suprising us.

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