Seven Selfies with Pete Dominick

It’s a selfie world, and we’re not going to fight it anymore. So our newest series, Seven Selfies, asks an artist to share seven photos of themselves, taken by themselves, to share a day in their life. Our first subject was Danny Lobell, then we featured Blair Socci, followed by Doug Smith and Matt Wayne, and Kurt Braunohler and Lauren Cook! Our fifth edition of Seven Selfies, features comedian and SiriusXM radio host Pete Dominick.

Pete’s just releasing his debut album- the culmination of 15 years of great performances.  The album was recorded in 2010 and was recorded in New York City.  Although most of his work is not on the radio and in television- stand up means everything to him. “Getting passed at all of the comedy clubs in NYC will always be my proudest achievement,” Pete said, “and I’m happy it was recorded in the city.” He’s traveled the country performing at over 300 colleges and universities. He’s hosted, middled and headlined at some of the best clubs and venues in the country. The new album, titled “Pete Dominick LIVE” is produced by Aaron Hodges on You Lucky Dog Productions and is available everywhere albums are sold, but just to make it easy for you, here’s a link. You can hear Pete every day from 9 to noon et on SiriusXM Insight, Channel 121, as the host of Stand UP! With Pete Dominick.


Now on to the selfies…..!

#1: This is my walk to work. What a lovely commute.  Shortly after this photo, I was stabbed and robbed.

#2 Loved talking with the amazingly talented Pamela Adlon about life and the 2nd season of her show “Better Things.”

#3 After being told I look like him for years, I finally got to meet and chat with my doppelgänger Adrian Grenier. We promoted his campaign to stop sucking…on straws.

#4: Soledad O’Brien joined me to talk about her new special on Biggie and Tupac and I told her about my black roommate in college.

#5: Really excited to promote my stand-up album with my former radio producer and now owner of You Lucky Dog Productions, Aaron Hodges.

#6:  Never know what you will see in the NYC subway system. These are real animals, just chillin’.

#7: Family!

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