Seven Selfies with Emma Willmann

It’s a selfie world, and we’re not going to fight it anymore. So our series, Seven Selfies, asks an artist to share seven photos of themselves, taken by themselves, to share their life. We’ve already featured Danny Lobell, Pete Dominick, Blair Socci, Doug Smith & Matt Wayne, Kurt Braunohler & Lauren Cook, Amanda Duarte and Aunty Donna! Our eight edition of Seven Selfies, features one of our favorite New York comics- Emma Willman.

We met Emma back in 2014 when she was one of the standouts in a super strong year of Caroline’s New York’s Funniest competition. Every year she just gets better and better. She was one of Just for Laughs New Faces, one of the 10 Funniest Women in New York according to Time Out New York, featured in Elle Magazine, her own monthly radio show, The Check Spot, on SiriusXM, and she’s a regular at the Comedy Cellar. Now she has a recurring role on The CW’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, she co-hosts the Inside the Closet podcast with Matteo Lane, and just released her first Netflix comedy special- it’s part of Season Two of The Comedy Line Up. It’s 15 minutes of pure Willmann and if you want to know why we love Emma so much, watch it!!!!!!

Now on to the selfies…..!

#1- Land at LAX red eye style.

#2- Wake up – look forlorn

#3- Eat snacks in bed, less forlorn – wish they were salted

#4- Face time my little angel love niece who is so cute and try to impress her that I’m in LA for a tv show – she’s more impressed by the banana my mom has in her other hand. I love her. Look how cute!!!!!

#5- On set at CraZy Ex!!!! I don’t know why I am posing like this – help me learn to take selfies?

#6- This is cheating but it’s me taking a picture of me! Spotted going to dinner. Very grateful for this but feel I look like a Turdukin trying to sell used cars

#7- Seeing my girlfriend for dinner – also introducing a giant pimple on my chin – I was going to cover it up but I’m out here trying to keep it real! And…do not know how to use photo shop 👀

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