Seven Selfies with Doug Smith and Matt Wayne


It’s a selfie world, and we’re not going to fight it anymore. So our newest series, Seven Selfies, asks an artist to share seven photos of themselves, taken by themselves, to share a day in their life. Our first subject was Danny Lobell, then we featured Blair Socci! This is the third edition of Seven Selfies, and we’re already breaking the rules. This week, not one, but two comics, with a total of 14 selfies between them.

You might remember Doug Smith as the comedian who jumped in when he saw a woman being assaulted and scored himself 23 stitches across his face. He created the web series Secret Weapon, made his late night debut on Conan last year, has been featured on Fuse’s Uproarious, and was a finalist in Caroline’s New York’s Funniest competition. Matt Wayne has been featured at the Bridgetown Comedy Festival and the Laughing Skull Comedy Festival, on on IFC and Comedy Central, and made his feature film debut in the forthcoming Solo Project.

Together, Matt and Doug are the hosts of See You in Hell, a monthly comedy show that forces comedians to perform under the absolute worst conditions– doing Yoga, wearing a bear suit (and doing shots), freestyle rapping and more. Smith and Wayne are celebrating 6 years of hosting See You in Hell on Saturday night, at midnight at the UCB Theater in NYC. The victims who are set to be put through hell for this special anniversary show include Greg Stone, Alison Leiby, Anthony DeVito and Blair Socci.

Get your tickets online at UCB’s website, and then head over to the UCB Theater on W 27th Saturday night.

Matt and Doug have a theme to their selfies, they represent the process they go through, putting together their show.

Now on to the selfies…..!

#1: Trust the process

#2: Stay energized

#3: Creativity comes from within

#4: I don’t know what to say, ideas just come to us

#5: Get loose

#6: Okay, now we’re in full swing 😂😂😂

#7: Oh, we straight up f****n’ this show in the a** now

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