Seven Selfies with Blair Socci

It’s a selfie world, and we’re not going to fight it anymore. So our newest series, Seven Selfies, asks an artist to share seven photos of themselves, taken by themselves, to share a day in their life. Our first subject was , and now, we’re excited to feature Blair Socci!

Do you know Blair? If you don’t, then we’re excited to introduce you to her. She’s a stand-up comedian in New York City and she’s making a lot of noise of all the right kinds. She was one of the chosen for this year’s New Faces at Just for Laughs in Montreal- a big milestone for a young comic, plus Bustle magazine named her one of their 2017 Comedians to Watch.  If TV credits are your thing, she’s been seen on Ladylike on MTV, Fuse TV’s Uproarious and she’s been a consultant on Guy Code vs Girl Code. But New Yorkers know her better for her stand up, as co-host of the popular live show Nacho Bitches, and for her podcast, “How to Be a Beefy Woman.”

She’s about to become known for another original live show. “Dear Owen Wilson” launches Tuesday, August 29th at Union Hall. The show will have interviews, stand up and music, but the really interesting part features comedians reading letters to celebrities who have impacted their lives. The idea was inspired by an actual letter Blair wrote to actor Owen Wilson telling him how much she cared about him, after his 2007 suicide attempt. This show is probably the most fun way ever to get to know fellow comedians/personalities on a deeper level. The power lineup includes Lo Bosworth (of Laguna Beach fame), Last Comic Standing’s Mehran Khaghani, The Chris Gethard Show writer Will Miles, Dan Soder who just released a Netflix special, Janelle James, Christi Chiello and more!

You can get tickets at Follow Blair on Twitter!

Now on to the selfies…..!

#1.  G mornin what up world I just opened my eyes 👀

#2  Stretchin ready 2 make this day my bitch

#3 From the major motion picture, Bee Movie, it’s your boy Yung Blairy Potter.

#4 Me n my friend/nemesis Rosebud Baker working extremely hard at our home base, The Flat Bk. Their green hot sauce is unparalleled. It looks very whimsical in this picture, like Hogwarts maybe. Rosebud is really feelin herself here cuz she just got her hair done. Blonde ombré.

#5 City of Dreams n trash

#6 My friend Farah has a hammock can u imagine

#7  Goin home siiiiike the L train is down wow the #grind is #crazy #out here

BONUS: No caption necessary thank u for coming on my journey 2day

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