Seth Rogen Explains Why He Made An R-Rated Movie About Food

seth rogen

Tuesday night Seth Rogen went on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and did some early promotion for his second movie release this summer- Sausage Party.  Seth sounds pretty excited about this one, saying that taking on this project was even crazier than his movie The Interview which famously got pulled from theaters after fear of reprisals from a foreign dictator.  “It’s probably the craziest thing we’ve ever done,” he said,  “And we almost started a war.  It’s a really crazy movie.”

Seth joked that the goal of the movie is to scare children off food, but it’s not a movie for children at all. It is the first R-rated, Pixar-style movie. “They’ve never let anyone do that before,” he told Kimmel.  And if you watch clips, the movie has definitely earned its R rating.  The movie stars Jonah Hill, Kristin Wiig, James Franco, Paul Rudd and he said “Edward Norton plays a bagel, Salma Hayek plays a taco, and Nick Kroll plays a douche, he’s the bad guy.”

The idea for the movie came from Rogen’s love of animated films, and a few thoughts that we’re guessing popped up while high.  “We love animated movies and we thought one day, what if our food had feelings? And we thought, it would be super messed up cause we eat our food and it would be a horrible existence for them. And that’s what birthed the movie basically.”

Sausage Party is in theaters August 12th.

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