See the Trailer for Gilbert Gottfried’s Amazing Documentary

Last Spring, we called the new Gilbert Gottfried documentary the highlight of the Tribeca Film Festival for us, and since May, we’ve been waiting for everyone else to have the chance to see this extraordinary film. And now, finally there’s a trailer that you can see, and a theatrical release date. The trailer is below, and the film opens November 3rd.

Everyone loves Gilbert Gottfried, but what do you know about him besides his on-stage performances? Gottfried is notoriously private and doesn’t even speak publicly in any voice other than his stage voice. Get ready for all of that to change. Director Neil Berkeley never got permission to make a documentary about Gottfried, he just kept showing up with a camera hoping Gilbert wouldn’t tell him to leave. The result is wildly funny, poignant and touching and not only covers Gilbert’s own eccentricities– it delves deep into his family life. You’ll meet Gilbert’s wife and children, you’ll be welcomed into his home, and you’ll meet and absolutely fall in love with his sister, an artist who at the time that the film was made, was battling cancer. As you might expect, you’ll also travel with Gilbert and see what he’s like on the road before and after taking the stage.

Watch the trailer below and plan to see this film as soon as it’s available near you.

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