Saturday May 2: Daily Links




Air Travel Will Change Forever, Here’s a Preview

If you’re thinking the biggest change about air travel will mean wearing a mask for your flight think again.
Experts are predicting you may have to have to provide proof of wellness through documentation or actual airport testing, touchless terminals to check in, bag sanitization process, and barriers between seats. Remember the good old days when when you got on an airplane you just worried you would crash and die?

The good old days.


Florida Man is Grim Reaper on TV

With all the weird strange in the world isn’t it nice to know that Florida still is the strangest of us all?

God bless the weird


Who’s Ripping Off the Chateau Marmont Staff

It was nice to hear that 300 thousand dollars was raised for the laid off staff of the iconic L.A. hotel Chateau Marmont.

So where is the bread? Check Danny Ocean.



Mike Tyson Releases New Training Clip, Teases Comeback

Mike Tyson released a clip of him hitting the mitts again as part of a promo deal for the Bad Boys For Life DVD release. Iron Mike also teased returning to the ring to fight 3-4 round exhibitions for charities. That sound you hear is Tyson Fury crapping in his pants.


Will Ferrell Crashes The Seahawks Virtual Team Meeting

Will Ferrell crashed the Seahawks virtual team meeting subbing for tight end Greg Olsen. For the next meeting, Luke Wilson will stand in for Russell Wilson.


Keenan Ivory Wayans’ Speech To Graduating Class Of 2020 Has A NSFW Ending

Keenan Ivory Wayans gave a warm, inspiring message to a graduating class of 2020 – with an ending few saw coming. Reps for Wayans denied that this was a teaser for an an X rated Cameo account.

Bernie Goetz Is A Corona Virus & Quarantine Denier

New York City subway gunman Bernie Goetz thinks that wearing a mask and social distancing is ‘bulls*it’ and thinks ‘everyone’s brainwashed’ about obeying the lockdown measures. Goetz can still be seen in Union Square Park, without a mask, feeding squirrels. He’s auditioning squirrels for his new podcast, Dr Shootlittle.

Read more at nypost.


Little Girl and Sheep

What could be better than a little girl showing off her sheep

I love living in the 1750s.

Woman’s Quest to Clean A Papa John’s Pan for No Reason

Some people are baking bread, others are learning to knit….

This woman’s quarantine is spent cleaning a weird pan from Papa John’s. You judge her, but why did you watch till the end then?!

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