Saturday March 14, 2020 Daily Links

MLB Players Wanna Have a Sandlot Style Game

With Baseball postponed to what some are speculating could be as late as June, Cincinnati Reds pitcher Trevor Bauer — is organizing a “Sandlot” themed pickup game in Arizona for major and minor leaguers who want to keep competing. Bauer says all pitchers and hitters will need to be mic up and it will stream on social media. Players with no crowd mic up? Someone is bound to have their career postponed for life after this.


With Toilet Paper Selling Out Everywhere Bidets Are Hotter Than Ever!

According to Jason Ojalvo, CEO of the attachable bidet company, TUSHY, sales of the brand’s devices have grown “from double to triple to 10 times” what they were just a few short weeks ago, after fears over the coronavirus caused a toilet paper-buying frenzy. The American popularization of the Bidet is something men everywhere have been secretly praying to happen for years.


Judy Dench Still Hasn’t Seen Cats

While on a BBC Radio show, Judi Dench says not only has she not seen the Cats live-action movie she was, but she claims she didn’t even know about all the negative reception it received. When people kept trashing that new movie about Cats she thought Bill Murray made another Garfield movie.


Dude Has Nowhere To Sell All the Hand Sanitizer He Bought

A man and his brother bout about 18,000 hand sanitizers at the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak to sell at a higher price online. Amazon, Ebay and Walmart have cracked down on price gauging and now they don’t know what to do. Maybe sell it at cost and not be a scumbag.


Japan’s Prime Minister Sez The Olympics Will Go On

According to Japan’s Prime Minister, the Tokyo Olypmics will be going on as planned. Finally, something to gamble on.

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This Bird Loves To Skateboard

We shall name him Tony Bird and he’ll have his own video game in no time.

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Dash Cam Footage Shows The Relaxing Vibes of Driving In Russia

Wait … do you know how dangerous that is? The rod is probably not even sanitized!

Here’s A Supercut Of Italian’s Singing From Their Rooftops During Coronavirus Lockdown

America could probably pull this off but the song would have to be Crazy Bitch.

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