Sarah Silverman’s I Love You America Cancelled By Hulu, Too Soon

Sarah Silverman’s I Love You America seems to be another casualty of the inability of streaming companies to succeed in the talk show market.

Wednesday Hulu announced they were cancelling the series. In a world where we usually look to streaming platforms to save canceled tv series, Silverman’s I Love You America needs a hero in the reverse. I Love You America belongs on standard, non-streaming, air once a week television. HBO? You could use a new talk show. How bout ILYA?

But it’s unfortunate that streaming networks can’t make talk work because Hulu seemed like a great home for Sarah’s “I Love You America” show. A place where she could speak openly. She’s one of the most interesting and funniest voices in the business, and her show consistently generated important conversations about all the hot topics making the rounds.

The series debuted in October 2017 and ran for a year with 21 episodes released over two seasons. The series received a nomination for a Primetime Emmy. Guests and contributors included Megan Phelps-Roper, Tig Notaro, Al Franken, Patton Oswalt, Roxanne Gay, Kate Berlant, Bernie Sanders, Will Ferrell, Bill Burr, Corey Booker, Gavin Newsom, Bill Maher.

Silverman was as surprised as everyone else, calling on social media to mourn the loss with her. “Well, Hulu cancelled I LOVE YOU AMERICA and we’re all pretty damn heartbroken,” she wrote. “… So in traditional twitter funeral style, I’ll be RTing the love.”

What’s different about this funeral is that the love didn’t just pour in from sad sad fans. The love came pouring in from other comedians and entertainers. Sister Laura Silverman, Wyatt Cenac, Morgan Murphy, Kate Berlant, John Early, Mike Birbiglia, Mindy Kaling, Don Cheadle, Matt Braunger, Seth Herzog, Guy Branum, Ron Funches and more were among the mourners. Luke Skywalker himself was upset but unfortunately didn’t promise to lead a resistance. And all those other blue checkmarks whose names you might not know all work in television either in comedy, critics, writers, journalistsand other industry professionals, giving Sarah a pretty impressive shiva for her show.

The collective follower count of all the people upset about the show’s cancellation is gigantic, so it seems like there’s a place for this show to live on.

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