Sarah Silverman Sings Her Love For America

’s new Hulu series, I Love You America premieres this Thursday October 12th. She’s looking to connect with all of America whether you agree with her or not.

In the trailer, she says a few years ago she realized there was a real epidemic of cops murdering unarmed black teens. “And then I realized, that’s not an epidemic, that’s how its always been. I’m just aware of it now because of social media. And I was so fucking ashamed,” she says. “How can I be a good ally?” she asks comedian Retta.

She promises to love the liberal bubble, the racist south, and a series of specifically named ethnicities- Indians, Native Americans, First Americans, hot guys, big fat pieces of shit, too.

Last week she appeared on The Tonight Show and described it to as a half hour of social politics. She said the show is difficult to describe but promises a lot of aggressively stupid “bread” in her socio-political sandwich. It’s part talk show, part sketch show. “It’s so dumb but I love it so much.”

The lyrics from the trailer video give you a taste. “Sometimes I just get really mad at you and the stupid shit you do. And how you vote for these rich fucks that lie to your faces and then systematically rape you of your rights and your job and healthcare, and then you call me Hollywood Elite? Dude I’m from fucking New Hampshire. And you’re mad at me for wanting the best for you and for getting pissed when you vote against your own best interest? I’m caring about YOU. I’m condescending to you.”

You can also see a clip of the show during her Tonight Show appearance posted below.

The show comes from the folks at Funny or Die and is executive produced by Sarah Silverman, Adam McKay, , Amy Zvi, Gavin Purcell and Joe Farrell.

Sarah Silverman’s I Love You America premieres on October 12th on Hulu. New Episodes Thursday Nights.

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