Samantha Bee is Going to Gamify The Elections in 2018 #ThisIsNotAGameTheGame

Samantha Bee announced today that she and her show Full Frontal are planning the release of a multi platform gaming experience, with the goal of incentivizing those who can vote, to vote this fall. “Full Frontal is going to gamify the election,” she said, “with a mobile game, This is Not a Game: The Game.”

Bee spoke at the Turner Upfronts at Madison Square Garden talking about the show’s unique accomplishments this year, including her own White House Correspondents event, and a trip to Puerto Rico to cover effects of Hurricane Maria. This year she says she hopes to offer live coverage of some impeachment hearings, but if that’s not in the cards, she has a plan B.  “Fall 2018 is an election year,” she said, “so its special and voter turnout sucks.”  Long lines, voting on a work day, and other hazards make it difficult to vote.

“What if we could incentivize the people who can vote to do it,” she asked?  “Full Frontal is going to gamify the election with a mobile game, This is Not a Game, The Game.”

The mobile experience will offer 85 days on people’s phones with trivia questions, meet ups designed to inspire people to get involved, live events, prizes and a bus tour that will tie into the show, and she promises that the game will actually be non-partisan.  “Democrap, Republicant…we all need to vote before a Russian hacker does it for us.”

Bee put out a call to advertisers to sponsor with her on the project.  “Jello!? You guys are looking for a new spokersperson, right?”‘

Don’t forget to Vote.

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