Watch Sam Morril Stand Up Set on the Late Show

sam morril stand up

Sam Morril performed stand up Friday night on Stephen Colbert’s Late Show.  Before Colbert took over, the Late Show was considered the gig that marked a major milestone for comedians.  Getting “Letterman” was an important rite of passage in a comedian’s career. Since Colbert took over, getting to perform on the Late Show has been all but impossible.  The new Late Show has only had two stand up performances since it started in September- Seinfeld and Maria Bamford- so getting this spot was a big grab for Morril, who interned with Colbert’s show 9 years ago.

Sam’s one of our favorite comics, and he killed on Colbert last night talking about coming from a broken family, the Hulk Hogan sex tape, and holy shit, he did a Caitlyn Jenner joke– risky with a network audience–  that got big laughs. Congratulations to Sam.  For the few of you just discovering him, you need to hear more asap, so check out his album Class Act, it’s one of the best new albums of the year last year, and made our top 10 list. He’ll be headlining at Gotham in New York City tonight.

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