Robert Kelly’s Riotcast is Now in the Record Business

Riotcast, known for putting out a long list outstanding comedy podcasts (YKWD, Keeping Joe, The Chip Chipperson Podcast, My Wife Hates Me, Everybody is Awful (Except You), Live From the Table, History Hyenas, the Nick DiPaolo Show) has announced that they are joining forces with 800 Pound Gorilla Records and the Laugh Button to form a brand new record label, TLB Records.

The inaugural release from TLB will be Mike Feeney’s Rage Against The Routine. Recorded at New York Comedy Club, the album will stream in full on November 1 on SiriusXM’s ‘Raw Dog Comedy’ channel and be available on Tuesday, November 5 on all digital platforms. Enjoy and share instant-grat tracks “The Solution To Gun Control” & “Don’t Travel High” from Feeney’s RATR album.

Robert Kelly, the driving force behind Riotcast promises the new label is going to be “Epic!”

The launch will be celebrated with a big event at The Stand Comedy Club on Wednesday November 6th as part of the New York Comedy Festival with performances from Robert Kelly, Rich Vos, Sarah Tollemache, Paul Virzi, Joe Machi, Sam Morril, & More!  Tickets to the performance are available HERE.

Since 2006, The Laugh Button has been a strong editorial voice in comedy, and has expanded into producing live events, and original video.  The three year old 800 Pound Gorilla Records is based out of Nashville, and has released  over 150 albums which include releases by George Lopez, Kathleen Madigan, Jim Jeffries, Chad Daniels, Demetri Martin, Joy Koy, and Michelle Wolf.

The RiotCast Network is a podcast network founded in 2011 by Robert Kelly and Rob Sprance. It’s been dedicated to providing content from some of the best comics in the business while also building a platform for fans to discover their next favorite comedian.

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