Rob Schneider Says He Was the Victim of Sexual Harassment From a Famous Director

With the media publishing seemingly endless updates on the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault allegations, wants the world to know that sexual predators are more common in Hollywood than you might thing, and women aren’t the only targets.

TMZ published a video from Schneider on Tuesday sharing a story about how vulnerable aspiring actors are to harassment. “It’s rampant in the industry” he said, before sharing a story about a weird situation that he found himself in. A “very famous director” approached him in a room wearing a bathrobe, and asked him to crawl on the ground, and to crawl toward him. “He was a pig,” Schneider said. He didn’t call the police or even tell his agent, but said that actors who are in a position with no power, are subject to being abused. He declined to name the famous director who he said has since passed away.

Sexual assault in the stand up comedy world has been a story told often with some controversies in the past few years making their way to the media. In addition to the highly publicized assaults, there have been numerous reports of assault and harassment against female comics on a local level. Back in January 2016 comedians demanded that an alleged assaulter be removed from a festival line up, and that was by no means an isolated incident. Kurt Metzger got caught up in a scandal in August 2016 when he made statements on Facebook regarding allegations of sexual assault in the comedy community, and there have been various reports about abusive behavior coming out in the last few years, and its likely we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg.

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