Ricky Gervais Takes Heat For Joke About Gillette’s Anti-Toxic-Masculinity; In Other News Piers Morgan Trolls

After Gillette released their anti-toxic-masculinity commercial asking men to be better people, and its already getting men in trouble. Piers Morgan said he’s boycotting the company on Twitter, and Ricky Gervais took heat for making a joke about the under two minute commercial-film short.

Gervais took backlash for joking, “I used to love beating up kids at barbecues. Now I realise that is wrong. Also, my balls have never been smoother. Thanks, Gillette.” The response to Gervais’s joke put Ricky on his heels having to defend himself for making a joke. “Are you… honestly against the Gillette advert?” one person asked? One woman scolded Gervais for joking about an important message saying Ricky is part of the problem and just doesn’t get it. Yet another tweet suggested that Gervais is right wing, and asked if others had noticed.

Piers Morgan went way further actually furious with Gillette, attacking the company for their “absurd virtue-signalling PC guff” and says he may have to stop using their products over their “pathetic global assault on masculinity.” He adds, “Let boys be damn boys. Let men be damn men.”

Watch the Gillette ad here.

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