Rick Perry and a Ton of Comedians and Other Celebrities Fell For That Ridiculous Instagram Hoax

Secretary Rick Perry, the man guarding the nukes, fell for a viral Instagram hoax that dates back to 2012 where users believe making a post will make their Instagram safe from police use.

Instagram’s privacy policy didn’t change today, if it did, a disclaimer wouldn’t help you from its effects, and by the way your mom should have taught you that if there’s something you don’t want shared with the whole world- keep it to yourself.

He wasn’t the only notable person caught sharing it though, Usher, Debra Messing, Taraji P. Henson, and Rita Wilson are just a few of the others. And we aren’t going to mention the dozens and dozens of comedians who fell for it and posted the message only to receive laughs from their young fans who called it an “old person thing” to share.

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