Report Says Kevin Hart Car Crash Was “Purely Driver Error”

TMZ received access to the results of an investigation of the cause and circumstances of the car crash that left Kevin Hart and two friends in bad shape, and completely wrecked his restored vintage Plymouth Barracuda.

The California Highway Patrol determined that the crash was caused by the driver operating the vehicle recklessly. It was determined that Jared Black gunned the engine, causing a loss of control of the vehicle. The sudden acceleration caused the vehicle to spin, and ultimately crash.

Investigators completely dismantled the car to come to their results and determined that the classic car had been completely renovated with upgraded interior, chassis, brakes, suspension and drive train. There were seatbelts, but none of the passengers were wearing them and, the report says, there were indications that they had been folded and tucked into the seats to conceal them.

The report confirmed early statements that the backseat of the car was re-outfitted as a storage area, and was not intended for passenger use. The investigation also revealed Hart left the scene of the accident while the driver and back seat passenger were still trapped in the car.

Hart continues to recover from his injuries- three spinal fractures requiring extensive surgery, but has reportedly returned to work on the movie set of Jumanji 2. The driver, Jared Black is also recovering and

All three have reportedly retained lawyers to pursue possible legal action.

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