Pete Lee Performed Stand Up on the Tonight Show

Watch Pete Lee destroy on the Tonight Show just eight months after his standing ovation performance. With all the applause-
at least nine long applause breaks by our count- its amazing he had time to finish his set. And if you measure the success of a Tonight Show set by how many times Jimmy Fallon shakes your hand afterwards, Pete’s definitely breaking records. This was a five handshake set, if you stuck around to watch the closing credits.

Talking about his dad, pockets, being raised by his dad in Wisconsin, and something you may not have seen coming, respect for women, Pete had a killer set and the audience just absolutely loved him.

Pete brought a bunch of friends over to the show with him, you can check out a little photo album of Pete and buddies Nikki Glaser, Ryan Hamilton, Ryan Reiss, and Dante Nero showing up to give love and support along with photos with Jimmy, Questlove, the dressing room and more.

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