Pete Davidson Kicked Out a Heckler Who Brought Up Mac Miller

While performing at the South Orange Performing Arts Center in New Jersey, Pete Davidson was in the middle of a joke saying, “My friend died in my apartment,” when a fan yelled out “Mac Miller?”. Pete stopped the show and hunted the guy down by asking the audience to find him and point him out.

“Jesus Christ, Who’s that guy?,” he said. “We’re getting him out. Point out the guy, he’s a fuckface,” adding “I will not continue until that kids gone,” and “I’ll leave,” he said refusing to perform until the audience ratted the guy out to Pete’s security guard. “Make sure he has his money back to, because, I don’t want his money.”

Davidson stayed calm the whole time, never showing anger, just annoyance. When the fan was kicked out, the rest of the audience gave a smattering of applause. Hecklers are getting real edgy these days huh?

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