Penn Jillette Set for a Second Unmasked. Here’s How to Get Tickets

Penn Jillette is the latest comedian to score a second appearance on Ron Bennington’s prestigious Unmasked Show. Second appearances are rare, and Penn joins an impressive and elite group of those to do the show twice. Best known as one half of the Penn and Teller magic act, Penn is not only a consummate magician, but also a bestselling author, an outspoken atheist, and libertarian, and one of the sharpest comedic minds working today.

Jillette will sit down for an hour conversation with Bennington in front of a studio audience on Wednesday August 3rd at 12:30pm at the SiriusXM studios. They’ll be talking about Penn’s new book, Presto! How I Made Over 100 Pounds Disappear and other Magical Tales as well as all things comedy, magic, the universe, current issues and more.

It was in 2012 that Ron first sat down with Jillette for an Unmasked episode to talk about his book Every Day is an Atheist Holiday. They talked about a wide range of topics from the Amazing Randi to God, morality, and of course, magic.  It’s considered one of the great episodes, so you won’t want to miss Ron and Penn sitting down for a second hour.

Bennington’s Unmasked has been called one of the most important comedy interview series happening today. Past Unmasked guests have included comedy legends like , , , , Bob Newhart, Patrice O’Neal, , , , and most recently, and Russell Brand.

Do you want to be in the audience when Ron spends an hour with Penn Jillette!?   Here’s how to request tickets for your chance to be in our studio audience with and Penn Jillette at SiriusXM.  Please be sure you can make it if you request tickets:

  • Make sure you know you can be in midtown Manhattan on time before you request tickets. You will need to be at SiriusXM by 12:00pm on August 3.  The event will take place at 1221 Avenue of the Americas in New York City at 49th street.
  • You must have a Twitter account to request tickets. If you don’t have one, its free and easy to sign up.
  • Make sure you’re following @UnmaskedShow on Twitter. We will not be able to contact you if you are not following that account.
  • Send a reply to @UnmaskedShow on Twitter and let us know if you are requesting one or two tickets. Please only request tickets if you KNOW you can attend, and only request two tickets if you can be certain you will be bringing someone because we have very limited seating.
  • Please do not submit duplicate requests for tickets
  • You must be 18 or older to attend.
  • Do not reply here to request tickets. You must reply to the twitter account to be eligible to get tickets.

Ticket winners will be contacted by DirectMessage from the producers of Unmasked on Twitter to let you know how to get your tickets. So remember to check your DirectMessages to see if you’ve got a ticket!  Good Luck!