Paul F. Tompkins Says Pence Won the Debate


Stephen Colbert hosted another live post-debate show at the Ed Sullivan Theater, Tuesday night. Paul F. Tompkins was a guest on the show, looking incredibly stylish in a velvety burgundy suit, a red shirt with white pinstripes, and a Madras tie. Nobody else could pull this off with or without that full beard he’s sporting these days. Colbert referred to him as having a “Kingly” quality, which is weird, but not necessarily untrue.

Tompkins was in to promote his Seeso hit series Bajillion Dollar Propertie$. He plays eccentric multi-millionaire real estate developer, Dean Rosedragon who is “someone who says things that may be true or he may be an insane person. Like another multi-millionaire business person who may or may not be running for President.” For those of you who haven’t made the Seeso jump yet, Tompkins says, “It’s a streaming platform guys, get used to it, it’s 2016.”

Tompkins has been paying close attention to the election which he compared to watching a horror movie that he’s in, and he’s scared of one of the possible endings. He watched the VP debates, and said Pence took the trophy home. “I think it was Pence and I think not only did he take the trophy home, he kind of looks like a trophy.  He’s very smooth and shiny. He’s got that metallic hair which looks like the hair on a trophy. Even the texture, it looks like it’s carved into his head.”

Watch the clip below and watch Bajillion Dollar Propertie$, Season Two, exclusively on Seeso.

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