Patrick Stewart Snorting Coke In Jonathan Ames’ “Blunt Talk”

blunt talk

Jonathan Ames creator of the wonder “Bored to Death” is finally back on TV with a new show. Patrick Stewart will star as Walter Blunt in “Blunt Talk”. In the new half-hour sitcom, Blunt has arrived in Los Angeles from Great Britain to start his career over and attempt to dominate the American cable news market. Patrick Stewart will be the Ted Baxter of the new millennium.

We were big fans of Jonathan Ames’s Bored to Death, so a new show with a guaranteed two seasons, seems like a safe bet. Add in Patrick Stewart doing some weird stuff as a nightly news man and a stellar cast that includes Oscar Nominee Jackie Weaver, Doll & Em’s star/creator Dolly Wells, comic Mary Holland and Enlightened’s Timm Sharp along with guest appearances by Richard Lewis and Ed Begley Jr., the new show executive produced by Seth MacFarlane from Starz has definite possibilities.

In the series, Blunt has brought his butler with him along with severe substance abuse problems and the headaches of several ex-wives and children from those marriages. In the trailer released found on Deadline, those problems seem to already be affecting Walter Blunt’s performance in L.A. The cast of “Blunt Talk” also includes Jacki Weaver, Adrian Scarborough, Dolly Wells and Timm Sharp.

“Blunt Talk” is set to premiere this Summer on Starz.


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