Party at the Moontower!

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Moontower 2017 is a wrap, and everyone is still recovering– some of us are recovering from laughing too hard too often, others from sunburn and dehydration, or excess of barbecue, breakfast tacos, alcohol and…well…whatever else anyone may have been enjoying. But whatever you were doing, if you were at Moontower, you spent four days having a great time. Once again, Moontower proved to be one of the best comedy scenes in the country for fans, and all the comics we ran into, seemed to be having a great time too. The shows were incredible, whether you were there to check out the headliners, the podcasts or the club shows, there were unforgettable moments all around, and everyone showed up for the big party at 800 Congress on Saturday night to dance, drink, eat, and give MT2017 a big sendoff. Check out our coverage of the final party below and then look out all week for our coverage of different aspects of the fest to find out exactly what you missed.


It’s not a party till Team Oakerson arrives. Christine Evans and Big Jay Oakerson arrived with Tony Hinchcliffe from the Goddamn Comedy Jam’s sold out last show.

Dave Smith looking like he’s in a Warsaw Ghetto, or trying to get in.

Double Dans.  Dan Soder and Dan St. Germain.

That’s Vito from the Bennington Show looking like he’s checking IDs.

Ron Bennington and Barry Crimmins hanging out at the party.

Gail Bennington, Jenn Daniels and Christine Marie Evans.

The Showtime “I’m Dying Up Here” party in full swing.

Peggy O’Leary looking fantastic.

Ralphie May hanging out by the bar.

Jason Sklar and Gail Bennington enjoying the party!

The outside porch was the place to be all night.  Especially if you had a viking hat.

Dan Soder and Jermaine Fowler hanging out front.

Voodoo Doughnut Comedy Cake…The challenge is to figure out which two comics’ faces got eaten.

Chris Stanley, the Tinder man, surveys the scene.

Showtime splurged for sandwiches and they got devoured.

Not just friends- family.  Big Jay Oakerson and Sal Vulcano

Finally saw Kurt Metzger outside the party.

Rojo Perez hanging with the GWF girls, Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson.

Josh Johnson hanging by the official venue documentation.

Ron Bennington hanging with our own Comedy Junkie, Sara from Chicago.

Brad Williams outside (and not on the dance floor).

Hari Kondabolu arrived fashionably late.

Matt Bearden knows how to pose for a photo!

Austin’s greatest fans posing with Ronnie B!

The Comedy Jam showed up looking great after closing the final show of the fest.

That’s a wrap: Goodbye Moontower! See you in 2018!

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