Paparazzi Catches Dane Cook Kissing His 19-Year Old Squeeze in Hawaii

has a hot 19-year-old girlfriend and TMZ caught the two of them smooching on the beaches of Maui. Cook is 45 and has been dating 19-year-old singer and actress Kelsi Taylor for over a year, although they only went public with the relationship about a month ago. The photos of the pair kissing and holding hands have been posted on TMZ, People Magazine, Just Jared and all the usual suspects who cover celebrity couples who may have been caught on an exhale in the photo which portrays him as looking a little less in shape than his and Kelsi’s instagram photos.  (#nofatshame #winkyface).

Taylor posted photos on her instagram from the jet ride over, and upon arrival.

waking up in paradise 🌸🐳

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mahalooooooooh 🌺

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Arrived. Clearly I’m having a terrible time already 😉 SO. EXCITED. 🌺✈️

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