Opie and Anthony Reunion Possible?

anthony cumia

Today the Anthony Cumia Network put out a video clip on YouTube titled, Open to anything,” says Anthony on working with Opie again.

The clip comes from Cumia’s Thursday show on his own Compound Media network, when discussing whether he would ever be open to the possibility of working with former radio partner Opie Hughes. At its peak, the Opie and Anthony Show had a huge following, but the duo split in 2014 when Cumia was fired from SiriusXM and Opie chose to stay on with the company.

Before fans of the former radio duo get their hopes up too high, Cumia wasn’t exactly saying he was interested in working with his former co-host. What he actually said was, “I would entertain anything. I’m not a guy who says no fucking way, I’m never doing that.” Cumia’s executive producer Keith Maresca (known to fans as Keith the Cop) clarified.  “So what you’re saying is… if Opie was open to talking with you about doing something together, in this infrastructure– since we already built it– you would be willing to talk to him about doing the Opie and Anthony Show here, together again?”  Cumia said yes, he would entertain anything.  “I am open to talk to anyone about anything,” he added quickly, making it seem that he wasn’t necessarily interested in re-uniting, but wouldn’t say no to a conversation. “That falls in to that criteria. I don’t say no or never. It’s ridiculous. I entertain every offer. I’ll listen to it.” You can watch the clip below.

Opie responded to the Cumia’s comments about re-uniting via Twitter writing, “Well that came out of left field.”

The topic came up amidst some rough waters over at SiriusXM between the remaining two-thirds of the former Opie and Anthony team- Opie and Jim Norton.  After Cumia was fired, Opie continued doing the morning show with Norton, but the chemistry between the two has been less than stellar, and their relationship has been strained, particularly in the last few months leading to a break up between the two hosts. Jim Norton has already announced that he will leave the show after his contract ends this week, but he will be staying at SiriusXM. Norton plans to pair up with former Opie & Anthony producer, Sam Roberts to do a morning show weekdays beginning next week.  Norton and Roberts have been on the air together all week, with Roberts filling in for Opie who took the final week of the show off, using saved up vacation time. There was, by the way, no final show for Opie and Jim. On the day that was supposed to be their last show together, Opie called out at the last minute, citing a family emergency (read more  on that here).


Opie’s status remains up in the air. Opie’s last official comment Thursday morning via YouTube video indicated that he rejected the last offer SiriusXM made, and that the company told him he is “running out of time”.

All three former co-hosts have been firing shots at each other this week, revealing various bits of dirty laundry. Some of the mud the former partners have been slinging included Opie implying via YouTube and Twitter that Norton and Roberts were sharks and pushed him out of  his own show. Norton had some unflattering things to say as well, and including that his stand up attendance has suffered noticeably during the past two years.  Even Cumia got into the game accusing Hughes of some shady behavior over the years only 24 hours before releasing the video about a reunion being possible.

But with Hughes saying he has not signed a contract yet, anything– no matter how unlikely– is possible.


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