Stuttering John Ends His One Side Twitter War vs Artie Lange (Updated)


Stuttering John Goes on a Tear, Trashing on Twitter Over New Gig

Update Aug 26:  On Friday, Stuttering John ended his one sided twitter tirade after Artie Lange refused to take up arms and join the fight. Melendez said “Artie wrote something nice about me.”  He says he is “done with the trashing” but wishes Artie would pick up the phone and call him.  “I do love him.  The tweet comes presumably after Artie tweeted on Thursday, in response to the tirade, “I just want @stutteringjohnm to admit he has writers helping him on twitter.  There’s no way one person could be that funny that long!

The twitter fight started after Lange announced he was joining Anthony Cumia’s show earlier this week.

Former Stern Show member Stuttering John Melendez was not happy with former Howard Stern star Artie Lange, and went on a weird and uncomfortable Twitter tear trashing Lange’s decision to join Anthony Cumia’s network as Cumia’s co-star. The vicious rant was filled with slams about Lange’s comedy and his battle with drug addiction. Lange is beloved in the comedy world, making the rant all the more unexpected.

It appears to have started on Tuesday, when Anthony Cumia announced his new co-host on his Compound Media show would be Lange. Apparently, according to Melendez, a comment from Lange dissuaded him from considering joining Cumia’s show at some point. “When I told him that I was 1 of 3 to co-host Anthony Cumia’s show he said why do that? Now look,” Melendez tweeted before going on the 48 hour rant.

Melendez, who has been a frequent guest on Cumia’s show swears he will never appear on the show as long as Artie is there. The rant started on August 22nd and has continued for 48 hours now before Melendez finally claims he’s done but says he’ll “take the gloves off” if Lange decides to fire back. Lange, who has not responded, starts as co-host of the newly formed AA Show with Cumia on September 5th.

Stuttering John was a part of the Stern Show through 2004.  Lange joined the show in 2001.

You can read the tweets below.