Notes From a Comedy Junkie: Luis J. Gomez Presents Luis J. Gomez

It was January 2015, my husband and I were in New York for the weekend to see Billy Joel play the Garden. The night before the concert I wanted to see some comedy but didn’t know much about the New York scene. I figured someone in the “Stern Facebook Superfans” group I belong to would have a recommendation so I posted my question and as fate would have it, someone recommended The Stand. We went, Aaron Berg was hosting and I remember seeing Bonnie McFarlane for the first time that night as well. Everyone was hilarious and we were having a total blast. Then, a comedian named Big Jay Oakerson came out to close the show and he KILLED!!! We stuck around after the show to tell him how much we enjoyed his set and that’s when he mentioned his podcast, “Legion of Skanks.” I didn’t even know what a podcast was at the time but I looked them up when I got home and found their YouTube page. They’d stream live out of a back room at The Creek and The Cave and Wednesday night after Wednesday night these three comedians would slay me. All three of them were equal in talent and quickness of wit. The trio that is “Legion of Skanks” consisted of Big Jay Oakerson who had long hair and was a bad boy rockstar of comedy, Dave Smith was the more level headed Skank who offered the voice of reason to all of the mayhem and then there was Luis J. Gomez. He referred to himself as “The Puerto Rican Rattlesnake” and was a complete maniac! He was pure testosterone and always seemed to be part wrestler, part comedian to me. He’d talk shit to the fans who came in to watch them broadcast live, yell at the producers when anything fell short of his vision and busted through any wall of censorship or societal norm that stood in his way. He would however melt and show his softer side whenever the subject of his son, Baby James, came up in the conversation revealing that there was a heart inside of the machine. He was clearly the mastermind of this operation and over the next four years I watched and cheered as Luis achieved goal after goal and here he is today; from YouTube to being co-owner of his own podcast network and being in the position to finance his own hour special! It really is unbelievable and I mean it when I say that I am genuinely proud of him. Congratulations, Luis!

Whether you love him or hate him, there is no debate, “Luis J. Gomez Presents Luis J. Gomez” is the most offensive comedy special on Earth! This is right on brand for the Puerto Rican Rattlesnake who is popularly known as the co-owner of GaS Digital Network and for his podcasts “Legion of Skanks” and “Real Ass Podcast.” Luis and his comedy are beloved by fans for the relentless unapologetic way he pushes back at P.C. culture. Luis has proven time and time again that it is completely impossible to intimidate or shame him into silence and at times it even seems like the more off limits a subject matter is, the more it appeals to his defiant nature and only makes him want to joke about it even more… and his comedy special is no exception to this rule.

“Luis J. Gomez Presents Luis J. Gomez” reminded me of something George Carlin once said, “I think it’s the duty of the comedian to find out where the line is drawn and cross it deliberately.” From the most controversial topics, to everyday observations, Luis finds a way to cross every line imaginable and take each topic to a whole other level. Some of the topics he tackles head-on are gentrification, white privilege, bullying, the Me Too movement, racism and masturbation. If you’re thinking that his comedy might be too edgy for your personal taste, I encourage you to remember that you do not have to agree with a comedian in order to find them funny. I fully recommend suspending your beliefs when watching comedy, otherwise you will miss the point of what comedy actually is. See you at Skankfest this summer!

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Sara Dahms
Sara Dahms
Sarah Dahms is a comedy superfan hails from Chicago and travels all over the country checking out the best comedy everywhere.