Norton, Florentine and McFarlane Race For Points

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Who do you cheer for on @midnight when three of the funniest comics in New York hit Los Angeles to enter the point zone?

New York comedians Jim Florentine, Jim Norton and Bonnie McFarlane were out west taking over the contestant side of the @midnight stage on Thursday night in front of host Chris Hardwick. They kicked ass, took names, and scored points on the popular late night game show, but only one could win. Spoiler alert, if you don’t like spoilers for your pretend game shows that you watch at least a day late, stop reading because we’re about to tell you that Florentine got knocked out first, leaving Bonnie and Jim to fight it out in the final round. Bonnie fought a good final round, but some lady from the audience picked little Jimmy Norton as the king of the points prom.

Watch this clip from last night’s episode where Jim, Jim and Bon play the infamous #hashtagwars with #millionairesongs. What songs do one percenters sing? #MonsantoGotRunOverByaReindeer #GodBlessBankofAmerica #PapaWasIntheRollingStones #PrivateJetsAreWatchingYou and #ALongAndWindingDriveway.

Know what guys? You’re all winners to us.  ##

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