Noel Fielding Disappeared While on Tour and Turned Up Working in a Shop

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The great Noel Fielding appeared on Conan Tuesday night, and talked about the craziness and massive success of touring with his comedy and music duo, The Mighty Boosh. Fielding is about to embark on his first solo tour in North America and just spent time in San Francisco in conversation with Bobcat Goldthwait at SF Sketchfest.

Fielding talked about his style including his haircut which he said was an attempt to be like Dee Dee Ramone but came off more Liza Minelli, and said that Bobcat told him he looked like he just skinned Elmo.

He also told an amazing story about a time he disappeared for a few days while on tour.  They were playing massive arenas, and touring the UK in a different city every night and living a real rock and roll life style. “I thought I was Mick Jagger for a little while” Fielding said. For two days he was missing, he said, and when they finally found him, he was working in a shop selling things. “I went to a party and then I sort of disappeared and when they found me I was working in a shop. Like a vintage clothes store,” he said.

“Basically I got wasted with a group of people and this girl said, I can’t, I’ve got to go home I’ve got to open a shop at 9 in the morning. And you know when you’re drunk, we said don’t worry we’ll all come with you. Yeah we’re gonna all come with you!” Everyone else kind of bailed on the big exciting plan of course, and it was just him and the girl left, so he went and opened the shop with her.  “And then” he said, “she passed out on the floor.”  Fielding didn’t know what to do so he just started working, he said.  Kids would come in and ask if he was Noel Fielding, and and he would say no, and when the owner finally came back, she assumed she was being robbed.   “I was like no! No, No i’ve sold lots of stuff. I’d sold like a bag and two ponchos, I did quite well.” Fielding explained that he’d never had a real job, and really enjoyed it and wanted to stay there forever, but eventually the tour bus showed up and he had to go back to the tour.

Conan’s audience might not have been up on Fielding yet, but they will never forget him now.

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