Noel Fielding in America! Talking David Bowie, Bobcat Goldthwait, Robin Williams, Donald Trump and More

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Noel Fielding in America!

British comedy superstar Noel Fielding, is about to embark on his first solo North American tour with his critically acclaimed hit show, An Evening with Noel Fielding. This is the first solo tour in the US for the star who is one half of the hit British television show, The Mighty Boosh. He’s on a big press tour to promote the North American dates.  Not that he needs the press, the show has already had to add dates to accommodate demand.  Fielding’s show blends stand-up, live animation, music and his well-known characters and he’s toured the show brilliantly through the U.K., Australian and New Zealand so far. Fielding was a guest on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, last Tuesday, he’ll be appearing on Conan this upcoming Tuesday, January 19th, and he’ll be doing a Reddit AMA on Monday January 18th at 4pm ET.

On Wednesday afternoon, Fielding sat in with Ron and Gail Bennington of the Bennington Show on SiriusXM, and talked about some of his favorite artists, like David Bowie, Bobcat Goldthwait, Robin Williams, Jonathan Winters, Dan Aykroyd,and gave his opinions on the election, American politics and Donald Trump. He also talks about being excited to visit San Francisco for the first time, his love of painting and why he draws before he writes when he’s creating comedy. Read some of the brief excerpts, but definitely listen to the entire conversation below.

Noel Fielding On David Bowie (after being asked his favorite Bowie song):  What a tune to come into. [Moonage Daydream].  I knew I was going to have to pick my favorite and I had a shortlist of like ten and I thought oh I don’t know what to do, I don’t know which way to go and then I did it and I immediately felt really panicky, if I’d made the wrong choice… He’s a legend.

Noel Fielding on Bobcat Goldthwait: He’s such a cool guy. I love his films; he’s a great director. Brilliant stand up actually. . . He’s got great vision. His films– there’s something amazing about the atmosphere of them and the tone of them. He’s quite European as a director, like art house direction. Very smart. Love him!

Noel Fielding on Robin Williams: I grew up on Mork and Mindy.  When I was a kid, I couldn’t believe Robin Williams — I was like how does he exist? A little bit like David Bowie for me, you know? Just an alien man where you go, can he be real? Can you be like that when you’re an adult? It’s brilliant. I’m in! If you can be like him when you’re an adult, then I’m in.  Then he started saying that The Boosh was his favorite English comedy and he came into the show and we were just staggered. I’m really glad that we got to meet him because I think that he’s a proper genius.

Noel Fielding on Jonathan Winters: I saw him on a chat show, it may have been Carson, with Robin Williams. And it was funny because Robin Williams usually on those things is just like a tornado but because he’s very respectful to Jonathan Winters, Jonathan Winters was the weird one. He out-weirded Robin Williams and you just think oh my God someone’s out-weirding Robin Williams is that even possible but he does and it’s just this beautiful thing where they have almost father and son relationship.

Noel Fielding on Donald Trump: It’s a caricature. You have big characters like that in this country, larger than life and they say quite extreme things and it’s part of your make up. I think we would frown upon it quite quickly in England and say well this is not right. This is not cricket. Who’s this guy? I mean he can’t…there’s no way. But over here he seems to be doing alright. . . . . I’ve been asking just the general people where I’ve been staying in hotels and doing stuff, what is it with Trump.  And people aren’t as sort of ridiculing him as much as i thought they would be. I thought they’d be like oh my God isn’t this insanity but they’re not, they’re like yeah, he’s doing quite well! And I’m like you’re really taking him seriously? I mean surely not, really? this is a joke right? And they’re like no this is happening. And I’m like oh, okay so I don’t know. It’s a strange one.

Get more information on Noel Fielding’s tour dates by visiting, but if you’re in San Francisco you can see him featured in “A Conversation With Noel Fielding and Bobcat Goldthwait” as part of SF Sketchfest this Sunday night.

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