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Tim Wilson 1961 – 2014

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Tim Wilson was a true comic’s comic and one of the best story telling comedians to ever come out of the south. His early death at age 52 from a heart attack rocked two  generations of  comedians who considered him to be a friend and mentor. We asked Vic Henley, who had known Wilson for decades, to say a few words remembering Wilson, his comedy, and what he meant to other comedians.

Vic Henley Remembers Tim Wilson

I worked with Tim two of my first three weeks of getting paid regularly about thirty years ago and even then I knew he was completely original. Tim could get the audience with a written joke or song, or with any of his crazy ass reactions to whatever was taking place during the live show, fearless. Always worth watching if you were working with him, you never knew which direction something might take. I watched him commit to a bit about the old character actor Strother Martin retiring as a waffle house waitress in Macon, Georgia and learned a ton about sticking with an idea and developing it over forever if that’s what it takes because if your idea is right, you will find the funny.

A few years ago at a super fancy cocktail party on Nantucket, comic Greg Warren and I were scaring all the fancy people by yelling Tim Wilson punchlines in our loud hillbilly voices since we didn’t know anyone there. We wandered to a corner away from everyone, started drinking, one thing led to another, and it turns into wilson-a-thon. They have no idea why we’re tearing up and giggling while screaming fuck those faggots, or you ought to, or any of the other zillion things that were Tim and Tim only. I called him when we left the island and told him the story and he reminded me that one of the first jokes he was proud of was Cape Cod related because of the Kennedys. “You gotta admire Jackie Onassis, not many women can hold a half dollar coin in their hand and think, I fucked him.”

He’s going to be missed tremendously.

More on Tim Wilson.  The best way to understand Tim Wilson is to listen to his music.  These two classics would be the best place to start. Listen to “I Could be Wrong” and “100 Things Every Man Should Know.” You can see Vic on tour with two other great comics, Kathleen Madigan, and Ron White throughout this year.  Get more info and dates at