Nine Great Artists Share Their Memories of Nine Incredible Comedic Talents

John Pinette 1964 – 2014

john pinette with banner

Stand up comedian John Pinette was absolutely beloved by other stand up comedians.  When he passed away  earlier this year at the age of only 50 from a pulmonary embolism friends and fans were devastated.  Pinette had been having health problems and talked about being physically spent and overcome by exhaustion after some surgical procedures.  As well as being hysterically funny, he was remembered as kind and generous, and was always eager to give advice to younger comedians.  We asked comedian Bill Burr to share some thoughts on John Pinette.

Bill Burr on John Pinette

John Pinette is the first comic I ever saw get a standing ovation and I saw him do it on a Monday night in front of 18 people spread out in a room that holds like 400 people. He did ten minutes and went out there and killed so friggin hard, these people stood up. He was unbelievably talented guy and such a generous, great guy. I only met him a handful of times but that guy was a headliner and an entertainer in every sense of the word.

More on John Pinette.  Before he passed, John Pinette was getting ready to create a 25th anniversary tour across Canada.  His partners at Just For Laughs wrote a beautiful in memorium for their friend.  The Lowell Sun, the local paper for his alma mater U Mass Lowell also paid tribute.  More on Bill Burr.  Bill recently released his fourth hour special, “I’m Sorry You Feel That Way” on Netflix.  Follow Bill Burr on twitter @BillBurr.