Nine Great Artists Share Their Memories of Nine Incredible Comedic Talents

Mike Nichols 1931 – 2014

mike nichols with banner

Mike Nichols spent his life shaping modern comedy through stage and screen.  Long before he directed his brilliant films, he was performing comedy on stage with his comedy partner Elaine May.  Subversive, sexy, eccentric, and fresh, they did sketches and characters that had audiences lining up around the block.  Later Nichols went on to direct some of the greatest dark comedies in film history.  He was a brilliant man and his death is a tremendous loss to the comedy world, but fortunately he leaves his great work behind.  Film star Danny Aiello never got to work with Mike Nichols but always wished he had.  He spoke with us about what Mike meant to him.

Danny Aiello on Mike Nichols

I wish I had been directed by Mike because he was one of the greats,in film and on stage. The closest I came, he chose me to replace Harvey Keitel on broadway in Hurly Burly. I almost quit when I was told Mike was unable to direct me, he had another commitment. I wanted to leave but decided to stay, and I was directed by the stage manager. A month later Mike came backstage after seeing one of my performances and said “Danny you were great!” my response, “Imagine how good I could have been, if you directed me”.

He smiled, a beautiful smile. He will be missed, but never forgotten.

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